I would like to introduce myself, I am Maggie. I like to paint & draw anything. I guess I am pretty good. I don’t know, I personally think art is art. I rather be at a small owned business coffee shops than going to Starbucks. Books give me a massive lady boner. I tend to watch documentaries and then talk about them to people who watch prime time shows. Fashion Merchandising is my “experienced knowledge.” I’ve been in love, twice. My nervous laugh has only gotten worse. I’ve always been awkward, and always liked comics. Pizza is a way to a woman’s heart. I didn’t need to get certified to be a wise ass, I got that from my parents. Please do not sing or post any song in relevance of New York. Just because I live here doesn’t mean you can remind me through overplayed out lyrics.Oh, and I am 23, today. I thought since I am starting this new “professional” blog, I’d do a bit background to me. This blog will be about life, not just my life though. It will be about what’s important in this world. I will post though the occasional cat picture for you weirdos who actually look up cat pictures.

I have an interesting mind. Get to walk inside a mind that’s willing to accept that Applebee’s took off cheeseburger sliders from their appetizers. Trust me, you won’t regret my imagery of a vocabulary that I have. Get inside an artists mind.



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