The Key to Happiness: A Hobby-less Generation

What’s your hobby? What do you like to do? What interests you?

These three questions are usually asked on a first date and some people don’t know how to respond. The usual answer is this though, “Netflix”. How is watching Netflix your main hobby? Because you don’t have a hobby. Something that is one of the keys to true happiness; having a hobby or having hobbies.

This generation has a harder time finding out what they like and what they don’t like because of technology. We are easily distracted more and can disappear into cyber world for hours. The problem comes in when we aren’t focusing our energy on the things we actually love to do. Spending time with friends, going to the beach, video games, comic books, reading, drawing, painting, etc. All of these things make someone happy.

We are a generation of “pics or it didn’t happen”. We are more willing to do things just once than over and over again. As long as there is a camera for that moment, doesn’t mean we have to do it again right? We have to show the world what we’re doing. IN reality though, it shouldn’t matter who sees and doesn’t. What matters the most is that you love to do it and experience the moment for what it is.

With having a hobby it lowers blood pressure and relieves stress. It is an escape for your busy life. It lower depression and the most important thing it helps you identify yourself. With a hobby you tend to find about yourself more. With a hobby it helps you know who you are. And with knowing who you are, you are happier.

GO OUT AND FIND YOUR HOBBY! Don’t miss out on life’s amazing opportunities. The world is your playground.


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