The Key to Happiness: Plan to Get Lunch, Not What You’re Eating

The most memorable moments I have had, the most magically intense moments, have been the unplanned ones. You know, the moments that feel like the month of December, the sand between your toes, the smell of a barbecue in the hot heat, the warmth of clothes just out of the dryer. I can’t really put into words the way those moments make me feel. It leaves me speechless, full of life. It’s one thing to plan goals and dreams, but it’s another to plan out your WHOLE life. Life wasn’t meant to live by planning lunch and what you’re eating. Life is too unpredictable to plan what you’re eating because when you’re sitting there planning on what to eat, things happened already.

I can recall so many moments, memories, that was the unplanned ones that make my body become warm with happiness. In high school, my first kiss with my first love, it wasn’t romantic. It was quick, short, and perfectly unplanned. Another moment, I was playing man hunt with my friends the summer of 2007, and the guy that I liked came up to me and tackled me to the ground. I stayed on the ground laughing and he joined me. We looked up at the stars while we waited for the others to come find us. That moment felt like forever but so perfectly unplanned.

Let me give a more kind of recent moment. At this point I was heartbroken with myself mostly. I needed to repair myself piece by piece. I planned to go out with a few of my friends at the time to get my mind of things. My thought ran through my head, “I hope someone just comes into my life, just to remind me of who I am.” It’s like I spoke too soon, because I met someone for just that night. He was a ranger fan, sarcastic, funny, liked scrubs and HIMYM. We sat there for hours talking and laughing until our friends decided to leave. We started walking, laughing and talking again. Then we both felt a few drops on our skin as we saw our friends run. It started pouring as I stopped and opened my arms to feel the rain fall on my skin. He giggled, made a sarcastic joke and stood right with me. Then he held out his hand, and asked for a dance. We danced in the rain and ran into puddles. We gotten dagger eyes and crazy looks. But we didn’t care, because it was perfectly unplanned.

One last moment, one of my friends texted me asking if I wanted to see a waterfall and go for a little hike. Of course, why not? It was last second but I went anyway. He asked me you want to jump off a waterfall? One of the things on my bucket list was just that. We walked to through the water trails. All the beauty, the greens, browns, blues, grays. It was gorgeous. We slipped and swam a way to the waterfall. Climbed up these slimy rocks to see it better.

“You still want to jump?” ….HELL YES.

I climbed up the rope that has been hung there for about as long as my friend has been going there for. I had my crappy running shoes on that I got from my old job Sears while I walked to the spot where he showed me to jump.

“It’s a straight drop from here, you’ll be fine. It’s not that bad.”

He walked away. My heart raced, jumped and I felt my adrenaline throughout my body. I stood there for a few more seconds, looked down the 40 foot drop and looked back at my friends. I thought, “If I don’t do this, I am going to regret this.”

I stepped back, took a deep breath, and jumped. As my body flew down and into the water, I felt the air around my body moving along the hairs of my body. It was fast, I was free falling. I hit the water and thought,

This is what life is about.

Perfectly unplanned. So next time you plan lunch with a friend, make sure you don’t plan what you eat because you never know, life might have another meal for you.



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