Music in my Ears

I walked along one day to only fall into a hole of my own dismay. There were people that I knew that came by and only stopped for the view while singing a tune. I check my pockets to find my iPod and the only thing I could shout is “HOORAH!” Music in my ears made … More Music in my Ears

Living with PTSD

If you ever held your breath under water and waited to come up right before the last second that you can, that’s how people with PTSD feels every day. “It’s called PTSD, or known as post traumatic stress disorder,” a therapist told me when I was up at school. Apparently my first diagnoses was wrong. It … More Living with PTSD

The Better Letter

  My therapist told me to write a letter, and she told me it won’t make me instantly feel better. I’m not gonna lie I definitely did try to write the letter. But in the end I came up with something much better.   Maybe I should write a letter to the one person that has … More The Better Letter