The Better Letter


My therapist told me to write a letter,

and she told me it won’t make me instantly feel better.

I’m not gonna lie I definitely did try

to write the letter.

But in the end I came up with something

much better.


Maybe I should write a letter to the

one person that has been an enemy,

or maybe I should label it as frienemy.

And if you’re not catching

on that enemy,

that frienemy,

that person is,

just me.

And don’t think you need to be afraid of that last line

because I’m hear to tell you that everything’s going to be fine.

I’m hear to tell you that it’s finally time

that it isn’t a crime to stick up on how you feel.

It’s just something that’s totally real.


I was told as women I need to keep my lips sealed.

But it’s okay to say,

“Hey! No way!”

“I’m sorry not today.”

Because if you don’t

and you might won’t,

say something,

cause in the end you’ll feel absolutely,



I never learned to keep my boundaries up.

I did what I was told and just kept drinking from that red cup.

And whoever knew that the color red would only end up symbolizing as a bed?


When I was little I was told that red was the color of love.

But silence is what it’s made of.

And only now you fall into the habit of,

not speaking a word because people tell you

“You’re absurd!”


But that’s why I’m writing this rhyme

to tell you that it’s okay to be feeling a certain way.

To stand up for how you truly feel to open

and finally be real.

Be real to yourself because that’s what matters the most.

It’s been too long that you’ve been treating it more like a roast

but that’s what ends up happening when you loose your host.


You shouldn’t feel ashamed by the game you have played

because look at all the unfortunate events you have slayed.

I want to remind you before this rhyme ends.

That is not just about me being a woman.

It’s all also about all

the men.


Being told that life’s not fair from the beginning.

Being told that being emphatic is just really effing pathetic.

Being told that crying is showing you’re only a coward

so the only time you end up doing it is when you’re taking a shower.

And this is the world I live in today?

Where love isn’t love when it’s gay?

Where women stay silent when things get violent?

Where men are now the ones not wanting to be a cow?

But where did it all go wrong?
When everyone stopped getting along?

I’ll tell you when.
It was when we became selfish again.


When we thought of what’s going on in our lives

and avoiding our own lies.

When we post a picture of what we are doing,

and who were with.

Because this generations avoids the truth

by living a myth.

So take another selfie with the bestie.

I’ll be fixing myself with my therapist

to become a better me.

This letter ended up making be definitely feel better.

And I hope it gave you some faith,
that not all people are fake.



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