Music in my Ears

I walked along one day to only fall into a hole of my own dismay.
There were people that I knew that came by and only stopped for the view while singing a tune.

I check my pockets to find my iPod and the only thing I could shout is “HOORAH!”

Music in my ears made me escape from all my fears.
Blasting to my tunes which made everything easier to go through.

But don’t get me wrong, there were other people who came along.
They threw a ladder down the hole when I still didn’t have a goal.

They were the ones who held out there hands and said, “Reach for us!”
But that ended up being not enough.

I had to be the one to start seeing the help they were bringing.
And not the darkness other people kept singing.

But what can I say? I had a love for music in the darkest ways.


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