Block User

I’m going to be honest with you, it’s hard as all hell to say good-bye to someone, to let go of something you’ve known for years. This type of love we weren’t warned about. This type of love isn’t mentioned in books, movies or tv shows. This type of love is the worst type.

Falling in love with someone  who doesn’t love you back as much as you love them. This love is a scary type of love. This love is toxic. This love has happened so many times to plenty of people and I am here to help someone through this.

Love is a touchy subject for everyone. You’re taking your walls down and opening yourself up to another person. I mean, that’s how it’s suppose to be. You’re suppose to be vulnerable, accepting of your flaws, willing to grow with the other person. Have you ever heard of the line, “We accept the love we think we deserve.” When I first heard this I thought this was cheesy and I didn’t believe it for one bit. Now I live by that line because that is so true.

If you thought badly about yourself you’re going to pick someone who isn’t the best of people. It’s a given. If you don’t love yourself, if you aren’t open with things, you will eventually fall in love with someone who is exactly how you view yourself.

When that happens though, when you start to cry and become depressed. You should wake up from this bad dream and recognize your surroundings. Ask yourself, “Am I happy? What is stopping my happiness? What can I change to make me feel happier?” As soon as that happens, leave. Rip it off like a band-aid cut off all communication with that person. Because if that person didn’t care or love for you now, they are not going to love you any time soon.

Your own health and being is what is important. You know your limits. And if you don’t maybe that says a lot about you. Maybe you don’t know yourself, but THAT IS OKAY. THAT IS FINE. We are constantly finding ourselves as the world spins madly on. But trust me on this when I say that EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE FINE. I know you probably heard it a million and ten times. You also probably hear, “There’s other people out there! You’ll find someone! Don’t worry.” Let yourself worry, let yourself feel. Let yourself feel in order to heal. The healing process will only work when you let go.

Throw things away that reminds you of that person, don’t listen to that song that you two sang together in the car, avoid date spots that you went on. And the top thing to do is CUTTING OFF COMMUNICATION. You HAVE TO. I know it’s heard but now you have the beautiful block and delete button. It’s like they never existed.

Next, pick up a hobby get your mind off of it. Once you start doing this start focusing on yourself and what makes you, you. And if any thought of that person comes to your head, just think of this. “They didn’t care. I deserved to be loved as hard as anyone else in this world. I deserve only the best.” because you do. Because you’re enough. You’re JUST enough.

It’s not going to be easy, trust me. But once you hit the point where the colors become brighter, the beauty in the world becomes more sharp and little things stop bothering you, celebrate. Celebrate being you and the beauty that comes with it. You’re not going to want anything less because you know what you deserve. You’re going to start to not look back. Once that happens, you’re not going to stop, you will only grow more.

Just hang in there. Let yourself feel. But whatever you do, don’t unblock that user.


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