How the song “Let it Go” can help you

“Let it go! Let it go! Can’t hold it back anymore! Turn my back and slam the door!”

How silly is it that this popular “children’s” song can help you with your life?

Let it go. Letting go. You have to let go in order to free yourself.

I’ll start in the from the beginning. You are reading this and your aware that you are reading this. You are AWARE. What about the times you are unaware? Like when your boss yells at you? Your first response is a ton of emotions at once. You might feel anger, then sadness. Next you’ll feel guilt and then you’ll start to question what you did wrong. How can you improve? How can I make them happy? How can I—STOP.


You are letting your brain get to you. You are letting the million of emotions (which is perfectly okay to feel) get to you. Your brain actually takes control of you most of time. Who you are comes from the brain also. I don’t want to disappoint you when I tell you, you aren’t you. But that’s why we all see something different when we look at ourselves rather than someone else looking at us.

Your brain thinks millions of thoughts a day. Some of them aren’t even things you’d do, or think of. Your brain is like a teenager. It’s melodramatic all the time. Someone cuts you off and you think !@$#$%!@#! , how could HE cut ME off? Doesn’t he know I am having HARD DAY??? Ugh! I hope that asshole gets into an accident!

News flash, that isn’t you talking. That’s part of your brain being a teenager. What happened in that situation is called an object. An object is this sense is something out of your body. You can’t control other people’s emotions so why obess over it? Why actually let yourself get upset when you get cut off? There’s no sense.

That object is going to pass by and you’ll eventually forget about it. So why let it disturb your piece? Why let it consume your whole day? Why let that one event make your whole week terrible?

Why let someone control your emotion of contentment? Why let someone take away your happiness?

I want to tell you the secret to happiness. Look in the mirror, and put your hand over your heart. You feel it? That’s happiness. Happiness has never left you. You are happiness. Don’t let the objects get to you.

You see the other object and view it as something you can’t control. Because you can’t. That’s their problem, not yours. Don’t think you need to take that one. Picture yourself pushing the object. Let your mind run through it’s course but recognize that voice running its mouth.

After it’s done, take a breath and say it will pass. Let it go. Once you have achieved this. Take it with you wherever you go with whatever you do. You are now conscious. You are now aware. You are now living.

Look around, you are aware of other humans around you. You should look at the ground, the ceiling. Notice the smell of the air, the noise in the background. Feel the grass, smile. I know this is said way too much but it’s so true. Why waste your life on being bothered all the time?

Now I’m not telling you to not feel because you’re allowed to feel whatever. What I am telling you is feel it, but acknowledge that your own happiness is worth more than a bad object.

You are setting your mind free. You are setting yourself free. Free from those objects that have no meaning within you anyway.

Stand frozen in the life you have chosen.


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