It’s Not Personal

It really isn’t.

People will always attack you because THEY are having a bad day. It’s nothing against who you are and what you’re doing. It’s just simply they aren’t happy within that moment.

So don’t take it personally. You know who you are and your well-being. You have no idea what the other person is going through. It’s a shame that they may be this way all the time but doesn’t mean you have to.

Say someone calls you a bitch, don’t take it to heart. They are just frustrated and lost within themselves. People tend to hide behind their words in fear of their own faults and insecurities. People also tend to use excuses to try and please everyone. Also to make themselves sound better.

It’s human nature to do so. To live a life in self-doubt or to live a life in free spirit, those are your two choices. Don’t take it personally, how they are is just how they are. You can’t physically or mentally do anything about it so why wear yourself out?

Seriously, don’t take it personally. The person who cut you off, the sales associate to roll their eyes at you, the boss that doesn’t say thank you, the family member who thinks you’re a waste of life, an old friend who doesn’t care about you because they’re in a relationship.

Not saying you should feel sorry for them or even guilty. Just recognize it’s not worht obsessing over.

That is all their shit, now is your choice to be upset with them, or find true happiness and live organically.


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