Being Single is My Choice Because…

I keep on getting asked by people from my family and friends, “How are you single? Are you seeing anyone? Are you trying? Are you talking to anyone?” I’ve been asked out a multiple times already too and I haven’t been willing to try. It was weird because I never felt this way. I don’t feel like I have to, for once. So here is why I choose not to date.


1)I need to figure out what I am doing.

I am still trying to figure out what I’m doing in life. I want to get my masters yes, but in what exactly? I have an idea and both ideas require a lot of work and dedication. Which in the end, I don’t needed dating to distract me.

2)I am mentally not ready yet.

I am not. Honestly. I have worked on myself a lotttt this past year alone. But you know, I want to get to the point where I don’t have to worry about if I’m fully mentally okay. I want to love myself fully before I love anyone else.

3) I have no patience right now.

Dont get me wrong I am a very patient person but when it comes down to dating right now, I just can’t do it. I can’t get ready and all pretty just for a few hours. I am usually tired at work and rather use those hours with friends or sleep.

4)I am busy.

Yes I know, this shouldn’t be an excuse but it is. Between friends, a full time job, volunteering and family there’s no way I can set extra time for someone new. I need the extra time to myself. I need some ME time. I’m constantly around people, so I’ll go insane if I dedicate my time to someone new.

5)I want to appreciate life more without someone by my side.

I have to say for most of my life I was always seeing someone or dating someone.  I want to enjoy being single for holidays. I want to learn to enjoy my own company rather than craving someone else’s attention.

6)I am happy where I am.

I can officially say I am happy. I am happy where my life is going and how who I’m becoming. For the longest time I hid who I am from the world because I was afraid. I lived in fear everyday worried that I was going to be judged and not liked. I was obsessed with the fact that someone people might not like me. But now I finally reached a point where I can look in the mirror and say, “Hey, you’re amazing.” So I want to enjoy my time with the person who I am today before I give it to someone else.

So that’s it. Those are my reasons why I’m staying single and not dating.


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