To Whom it May Not Concern

To Whom it May Not Concern,

I know you may not approve of what I may do. But that doesn’t mean you have to open your mouth too.

Before I get into the choices I’ve made. Have you ever thought the choices you’ve made? Or did that just fade?

Did it fade away when the only thing you saw were my flaws?

I have made some mistakes which doesn’t make me fake.

I fess up to my wrongs, and I accept that I am strong.

I am who I am, and thats not going to change. You should be happy in exchange.

Also, I do the most for you guys. So stop burying it with all your own lies.

Lies to yourself to make you look better And after your done tearing me down you say, forget her.

I give a lot. But I guess not enough. Who ever knew that you guys were going to make it this tough?

This is my life and who I am and I’m not going to apologize and give a damn.

I am happy with who I’ve become and I am not going to run.

The only running I’ll do is away from you.

I deserve better treatment and it’s time for you to fight your own demons.

I am who I am and I’m only sorry for your fear. Fear of not seeing yourself all too clear.

It takes a lot for someone to accept their flaws and I know that’s your cause.

But why weren’t you there when I got sexually assaulted? Why did you keep it vaulted?

Why did you turn your backs when I got hospitalized? Was it only then you started to believe your own lies?

I was crying for help and for you to stop. To say that everything will be okay. But that’s not your way.

I have been through a lot, and you don’t know most of it. Which, honestly, you have only seen a bit.

If you were in my shoes, maybe you know that how I feel. What I go through is 110 percent nothing but real.

But go back to how you are. Thank you for not have my back and I’m not sorry for the reality check.

I want to end this letter on a happy note.

I am happy with who I am, and where I’m going. And whatever life throws at me I got. I amproud of how far I’ve come.

I am strong. I am gentile. I am kind. I am beautiful.

I love myself. Can you say that about yourself?


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