23 Lessons

Since the good ole “blink year” is coming to an end, I decided to give you all the lessons I have learned within this whole year. Some of them are serious and others, not so much. I had to add some humor to the mix to make it a bit more entertaining and uplifting.

There has been a lot I have wanted to say recently but wanted to wait until I was at a point where I couldn’t hold it in no more.


1)Don’t take anything personally.

I learned this through my job. I realized (really accepted) the fact that people are angry but they’re not angry at you necessarily. They might have not had a good day, or they might just be a Grinch. Which ever one they are, don’t take anything personally. They aren’t personally out to yell at you or be nasty. Just because someone is nasty to you doesn’t mean you’re not doing doing something right.

2) Being early is better than being late.

Enough said.

3) Believe in yourself

At the end of the day it’s just you. It’s you cheering yourself on and you trusting yourself.

4) People will come and go.

As you get older people start to exit your life naturally. They might just move away, or grow out of you. It’s okay that this happens, people will come and go. People usually give other people lessons without realizing it. Accept, and don’t be upset that they’re gone.

5) Buy lots of socks and underwear.

6)Trust no one until they give you a reason to trust them.

Just this.

7)There are a lot of selfish people out there.

People will throw you under the bus any chance they get in order for themselves to look better. Even if they have to lie. Be careful who you can call a TRUE FRIEND.

8) Believe in yourself.
9)It’s okay to cry.
10)Don’t make coffee as soon as you wake up.


11) Your parents are people, not just your parents.

At some point (usually around this age) you start to see your parents as people than your parents. Yes, they are still mom and dad but then you start to see them as, oh they’re my friend too. OH THEY ARE PEOPLEEE.

You’ll understand if you’re not there yet.

12) Life doesn’t get easier, how you handle situations does.

For some magically reason I thought that everything was going to be wonderful once I got out of high school, and then once that reality struck I thought after college.

By wonderful I mean, no drama and just no problems. Boy was a wrong. High School never ends and life’s mess doesn’t get any cleaner.

13) There will always be someone who doesn’t like you.

No matter where you go in life, no matter what you do there will be always someone there that doesn’t like you. IT IS OKAY! This only means that you are sticking up for yourself and doing what makes YOU happy. Don’t take it personal.

14)You save a lot of money by not eating out for every meal.

15) Write down everything.

And put it in a SAFE place.

16) Time has no meaning so stop “running out” of it.

If you don’t start doing something, you will end up doing nothing.  I can’t stress on you that if you want to do something do it, if you are taking “too long” to achieve something it’s okay! Life is too short, and if anything you’re running out of life if you aren’t doing the things you love.

17)Drink lots of water.


18) Clean your face before you fall asleep.


19)It’s okay to see a therapist.

It’s totally okay to go talk to someone about your problems. A lot more people do it than you think, so don’t be afraid. They help you and they won’t go running telling their friends about your problems.

20) It’s okay to say how you feel.

Don’t feel ashamed on how you truly feel. We are human beings and that’s what we’re wired to do. FEEL. It’s okay to say, “I feel upset about…” or, “I feel frustrated when you..”. It’s okay to stick up on how you feel.

21) Let it go.

Whatever you thought about when you saw this, let her/him/situation go. Life will become more effortless when you do.

22) Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

This can’t be more true. If a person stabbed you in the back, treated you with disrespect, or anything else that is totally out of hand, it’s okay to not let them back in. I can’t tell you how many times I gave chances to people and how many times they proved me and themselves wrong.

23) Nobody really likes you when you’re 23.



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