The “Ah HA” Factor

What is the ah ha ! factor?

The “ah ha!” factor commonly known as a light switch going off in your head; something that makes us stop and realize. Another term used for it could be epiphany. So how do we process when we want this factor? How do are we as humans able to access the change?

Well, it’s quiet easy. Listen. You have to listen to what your heart is saying rather than your initial reaction that your head is telling you to do. See, when something happens in our lives, an event, we react. Now I am not saying to not react to situations, what I am saying is we are capable on how we react to certain circumstances. But, you are taught this as a child. The behavior is taught when you are crying over split milk. The lesson you learn is the well known “don’t cry over split milk”. But if we are taught at a young age that reaction to situations is based on solely you, why as adults we can’t really process the fact we are in charge of every reaction?

This leads into the desire to be liked. This comes into play as we are teenagers, we forget the lesson of reaction and become socially reliable on one another’s reaction. With technological advancements in society, this has at least tripled. Considering all aspects  social media, you have the power to SEE everyone’s reaction. We have the power to access articles of everyone’s reaction. This is an amazing opportunity for many things, but also a toxic social and personal growth killer.

Going back to the teenager year, as I said we want to be liked, so we go off on how each other reacts rather than how us, ourselves personally, would react. It’s more of a group thing,  more of running with the pact, or taking the road MOST traveled by. We are taught, if she cries, I cry, based on the desire to be liked. Again, this leads into questioning, well how does someone stop this then? How does someone tend to lean on themselves than others?

We don’t. We will always have that desire in us to be liked. But we do though, as adults, have the choice of reaction. Now, it’s hard considering we come from wanting everyone to like us. But this is where the “AH-HA” factor comes in. We are faced with challenges as we grow older that gives us no choice but to react in a certain way. We have things that eventually push us so much that it leads to finding out something. It could be about ourselves, a place or  an object. But that push that you get from the universe that keeps stressing you and stressing you, that is your sign. That is your “AH-HA moment”. That is when you learn, that is when you form true “self”.

Accessing the power of “ah-ha” is the matter of listening, reacting and accepting, while learning in the process. You have to be open and take into perspective about others opinions. You have to listen to your reaction while, the hardest thing, accepting it. By accepting, we are forming a sense of “self” and opinion. We have the ability to say our likes and dislikes in political and social points in the world. We become more individually grounded rather than harvested by others.

So, when you feel something, listen , react and accept in order for you to move on into life. If you follow this, you will gain not only knowledge, but happiness as well.


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