What Happened When I Deleted Social Media

I quit social media about 4 months ago. But, not fully. It was an eye opening experience and honestly, I love a social media less life. I deleted Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. I decided after 2 months into it I wanted at least Instagram, you’ll find out why later. Here are the few things I have experienced personally.

1) I don’t take selfies; I take pictures of things, places and people.

2)I stopped wearing makeup.

3) I started to surround myself in the things I love.

4) I do things for myself.

5) I finish books.

6) I’m making more art.

7)I’m outside more.

8) I experience life through my eyes, not my phone.

9) I can go days without charging my phone.

10) Yoga is a part of my daily life.

11) I’m more relaxed.

12) I volunteer because I want to BE THE CHANGE. Not announce what I’m doing.

13) I spend a lottttt less money.

14) I have my own garden.

15) I’m thankful and even more appreciative.

16) My relationships in my life grew stronger.

I’m obviously more productive with myself without social media. I wake up at around 630-7 AM everyday. I set the bed, I never set my bed. My whole life style has changed and I love it. It’s like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I realized who was good in my life and got rid of those who weren’t helping me push forward.

The best thing though I realized without it is this, me. I have an amazing grasp on reality of who I am and I think most of generation don’t because they are stuck behind their phones. Their emotions are taken care of with a selfie, a drink, a person, and/or a drug. They don’t know who they are or don’t celebrate themselves because they are so worried to not get enough likes or not a get the approval. Life is too short to snapchat every song at that concert, to take a selfie with the beach behind you, and to update your location on Facebook.

I just have Instagram for my creativity. I look for inspiration from other artists with my paint, drawing or even YOGA. I noticed myself not even scrolling through that as much as I did.  I feel a sort of disconnect, and I LOVE IT. It’s great to have myself not rely on my phone for the weather, news and DRAMA.

I ran into someone I graduated with and they said, “I tried looking for you on everything and couldn’t find you.” That was great to hear! I love having MY life t MYself. It’s special that way, it’s more meaningful . It really gives life meaning.

So, do I suggest deleting social media? Only if you can handle not knowing about other peoples lives. ;]



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